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John and Elinor Whitney's second son is: JOHN WHITNEY (1621- ) married Ruth Reynolds

John and Ruth Whitney's third child is: NATHANIEL WHITNEY (1 Feb 1646- married Sarah Hagar

Nathaniel and Sarah Whitney's first child is: NATHANIEL WHITNEY (1675 - ) married Mercy Robinson

Nathaniel and Mercy Whitney's first child is: NATHANIEL WHITNEY (1696 - ) married Mary Child

Nathaniel and Mary Whitney's tenth child is: ELI WHITNEY (1740 - ) married Elizabeth Fay

(Eli and Elizabeth Whitney are the parents of): ELI WHITNEY JR (1765-1825)

Have you ever wondered where cotton comes from? Well most people know it comes from plants.
In the 1700's and before people had to pick the seeds out of the cotton and a man named Eli Whitney
decided to come up with a machine that would remove the seeds from the cotton. He invented the cotton gin,
went into a business, and made a line of musket rifles and other fire arms.

Eli Whitney (December 8, 1765 - January 8, 1825) - was born in Westboro, Mass. to Eli and Elizabeth Whitney
(descendants of John Whitney who emigrated from England) Eli's father provided well for his family ad when Eli was
twelve his father suggested he start preparing for college. Although he showed no interest in many school subjects.
Eli was very interested in tools and mechanical things. He started working with the mechanical objects and he
persuaded his father to allow him to continue. He begin to fix violins in the neighborhood, and at the age of fifteeN
began to make nails in his fathers shop.

in 1792 Whitney visited a plantation in Savannah, Georgia. There he designed and built a model for a machine that would
separate the seeds from cotton, which seeds were usually picked by hand. He completed the machine that would
separate the seeds from the cotton, which seeds were usually picked by hand. He completed the machine that would
be called the Cotton Gin in 1773. The cotton gin cleaned the cotton so efficiently that it became the most important
crop in the south.

Soon after Eli invented the cotton gin he went into the business partnership with Mr. Phineas Miller.
But there were a few problems in this business for Eli like packing, balling and shipping cleaned cotton.
One by one Eli solved his problems and started keeping records. In March 1774 Eli Whitney was granted a patent
for his cotton gin. But in 1779 his workshop burned down. So Whitney started a new project in making muskets and fire arms.

Eli Whitney - Other inventions In 1798, Eli Whitney invented a way to manufacture muskets by machine so that the parts were interchangeable.
Ironically, it was as a manufacturer of muskets that Whitney finally became rich.


In January of 1825 the man who invented the cotton gin that we don't have to pick the seeds by hand died in New Haven.
He dedicated his life to inventing. It might not sound as exciting as inventing the light bulb or the lightning rod but every
bit counts in the inventors world.

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