Albert Dale Richards

was born on July 30, 1925 in Warren, Ohio

Parents were Margie Doris Whitney and William Ray Richards

Dad had a family of 13 brothers and sisters:

Orel, Mildred, Dorothy, Donald, Wilda, Mary, Louise, Clara, Robert,
Janet, Tom, and Daniel (who died in 1943) soon after birth

Dad was drafted into the United States Navy when he was 18 years old.
On September 20, 1943 he went to the Great Lakes, Illinois for boot training.

After boot training he went to Tampa, Florida, where he was commissioned
to the Piedmont AD 17.   It took two months to load the ship
with supplies needed before leaving the dock, which was January 5, 1944.

The ship ran into storms along the way, and of course everyone got seasick.
They continued on their voyage to San Diego, California where they stayed 2 or 3 days
and then went on to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Arriving in Hawaii they witnessed the destruction of the Japanese bombing
of Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1943).

The living conditions on the different islands were very poor with bad sanitation
and limited food sources but they had great train transportation, spending 3 months at Leyte Island
where the Japanese fleet had been destroyed.

The ship then returned to California sailing under the Golden Gate bridge
into San Francisco. They spent 7 days traveling back to Toledo Ohio via the train.
They ran out of food the last couple days of the trip and had to
eat dry beans. (dad’s words, dry enough you could hear them ping
on the pan when they were dished up)….and coffee

Dad was glad to arrive back home on March 20, 1946.

Dad then met our mom, Geraldine Marie Long, they married on August 3, 1946.
They had 3 children, Larry,(Jean), Cathy,(Gary) and Danny,(Patti)
Grandchildren: Ryan, Brent, Steve, Greg, Amy, Tammy, and Eric, 14 great grandchildren.

Mom and Dad spent most of their years after his retirement in Florida
enjoying the beautiful weather and friends who lived there.

They would come back to Ohio/Pa during the summer months, then return in the fall.
They enjoyed bowling, going to the RAC exercising 3 days a week, visiting with family and friends.

We lost mom in September 2010, they were married 64 years.

He keeps busy now visiting Larry and Jean on Wednesdays,
(playing cards, playing putput golf, and playing with Grady and Noah
(who spent most of the summer with Grandma Jean, and Grandpa Larry),
and bowling on Thursdays.
Danny, Patti, his children and grandchildren all live in Alabama and Tennessee.

Danny and Dad just got their tickets for their trip out to Washington
to visit with Tom and Betty in September.

Happy Birthday dad, we love you….does anyone else have any memories
with dad that they would like to share?

By Cathy Richards Mix, daughter

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