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John Wesley/Westley Wiley (1788-1867)

John Anderson Wiley (1824-1905) married Phoebe (Wise) Wiley (1834-1916)

Jacob W Wiley (1874-1950) married Hester E Wiley (Jan 5, 1880-Jul 5, 1968)

Lucinda Lucy Steel (1826-1897) wife of Richard Anderson Wiley

David Wiley (1828-1886) Distant cousin of Daddy

Sarah Jane Wiley (1846-1884) Daddy's Great Aunt

Mary Jane Headley-wife of George M Wiley (2-7-1859- 1900)

Eliza Ann Wiley (Sep 1881-31 May 1968) Daddy's Aunt

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Last updated January 2016
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