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WILLIAM RICHARDS (1783-1853) married MARY RICHARDS (1783-1840)

(Momís Great Great Grandparents)

They had 5 sons: According to Census Records in America they were all farmers.

1- JOB JOSEPH (1812-1878) married Jane Davies (1821-1896) 3 children:
     - William J Richards (1860-1939) married Catherine E (1872-1958) 1 son:
                  - Leon Richards (1897-1973)

     - Mary L Richards (1862-1948) married David D Williams (1852-1901) 4 children:
                  - Henrietta Williams (1883-1976)
                  - John A Williams (1884
                  - Homer Williams (1886
                  - Velma Williams (1893

     - Job Richards married Ellen Calvin (1866-1940)

2-EDMUND (1814-1889) first married Elizabeth Williams (1828-1885) They lived in Jackson Twp, Mahoning County 1 son:
     - Thomas Richards (1851-1930) first married Eugenie Thomas (1857-1926) no children:

        Thomas later married Julia Morgan (1854-1885) 3 children:

                  - Alta Richards (1875
                  - Eliabeth Richards (1877
                  - Delia Richards (1879-1967)

         Edmund later married Rachel L Jones (1819-1889) and relocated to Paris Twp - 2 children:

                           - ?
                           - ?

3-WILLIAM B  (1818-1903) married Margaret George (1843-1907) 3 children:

     - William M Richards (1874-1953)
     - Harry J Richards (1876-1959)
     - Thomas G Richards (1879-1897)

4-RICHARD (1823 - 17 Dec 1855)Richard died of pneumonia, did not marry

5-DANIEL (1824-1902)

5 th child: Daniel Richards Sr (30 Jan 1824 - 4 Jul 1902)

Daniel was born in Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales and came to America with
his family in 1838 when he was 14 yrs old. He lived in Pennsylvania before coming to Ohio.
Daniel first married Margaret Evens Williams (1822-1854). They had 2 children:

     - Maria (1845- )Daughter of Margaret Evens from a previous marriage

     - William Richards (1849 -1865 )
     - Daniel Richards Jr (1851-1914)

Paris Portage Co, Ohio July 9, 1902. This history of Daniel Richards is copied
from the original which he wrote himself in the year 1901:

"Daniel Richards was born in Monmouthshire, South Wales in the year 1824.
While he was young his parents moved to Gelbygare Parish.
Lived there several years near the Old Parish of Gelbygare, Glamorganshire.
From there his parents emigrated to America in April 1838. Landed in N.Y. May 20,
then to Philadelphia, then up to Sehylkill canal towards the Pennsylvania coal mines.
Was there nearly a year, then to Pittsburg for a short time in the fall of 1839.
From there to Ohio where he has resided ever since. Got married in the summer of 1849.
My wife died five years afterwards, leaving me with two sons to care for. In 1862
I got married again and are living together yet but are both having poor health at present.
Raised a large family into manhood."

Welsh inscription on headstone:

Dau bererin sy-n cydorphwys fu-n cyd-deithio flwydoi maith.
Yn eu lletty glyd a chymhwys yma yn y ddaer laith.

Yman dawel cydorweddawt nes el heibio cesau r llawr.
Ynar ddau a gydcyfodant foreur adgyfordiad mawr.

To: Daniel Richards Jr